Fake News Media

Fake News Media

Used by the government to distract the country's citizens from real social issues, also seen as mind control.

A source of information that targets stupid news instead of REAL news. media is the reason why people are still miserable.

A massive form of "prepackaged" truths, meant to suppress the potential intellect and creativity from an already empty society, as well as "help", mold young impressionable minds into the next generation of sleepy shoppers...

the sad truth is that there are:

-1500 newspapers
-1100 magazines,
-9000 radio stations
-1500 TV stations
- and 2400 different publishers in "America"... ALL of them owned by 6 corporations... whatever happened to freedom of the press? how can any "news" be reliable when the people who report the news have nothing other than dollar signs in their eyes...