All governments are immoral and criminal institutions because they forced everyone, under threat of violence, to pay mandatory taxes for life. There are hundreds of taxes, from property tax to income tax to inheritance tax. You must pay them all, or else the government will use the power and force of its machinery to seize your bank account, garnish your wages and or arrest you and put you in jail.

How is that any different than the mafia?

Governments demand we pay our dues regularly, promise us we'll be safe and protected if we do, and if we don't, agents come around to shake us down or put us away.

If governments actually did a good job and spent our money wisely, then people might willingly donate to social programs, roads, schools, etc.

But when taxes are compulsory and a huge percentage of them goes towards lining the pockets of politicians, I can't help but think privatization of social programs, road construction, schools, and everything else, the government unsatisfactorily provides us, would be better for society by letting the free market and small communities and neighborhoods decide, instead of our immoral criminal governments.

A money-driven conspiracy of liars, cheaters, and con artists claiming to control all morality. They assume that they know everything, including the difference between right and wrong, but do not realize how hypocritical they truly are. They will create their own destruction, while their victims sit and watch them fall.