A dandified drug dealer.

A head doctor who gets paid to judge you. They love to make psycho-babble comments to get you riled, then defend themselves with more psychobabble to make themselves sound more intelligent than they actually are. They like to affix imaginary disorders to people so they can write prescriptions for unnecessary meds.

A pseudo-scientific, drug dealer.

"Anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined." --Samuel Goldwyn

A modern-day cultured witch doctor who administers drugs and other "cures" for mental conditions which more often than not only alleviate a patient's symptoms mildly or at the very worst damage and cause irreparable harm to their brains. Most seem to be nihilistic misanthropes who are primarily concerned with their paychecks and the daily quota of Big Pharma untested drugs they can sell to misinformed and desperate people. In privacy, many of them likely sacrifices kidnapped children to evil spirits which ensures the continuation of their rotten and dehumanizing stranglehold on the psyches of those who have oftentimes been subjected to quite enough pain and suffering in their lifetimes. The entire "science" of psychiatry has dark ties to the elitist-backed philosophy of eugenics, which is obsessively focused on ridding the world of those people who are genetically "unfit" by the ruling classes' own godless standards. All around psychiatry is mostly a gigantic demonic sham and legal drug-pushing designed to rob willing victims of their money and remaining sanity and brainpower.