State Goons

State Goons

People who are members of law enforcement. Most commonly known as the "protectors of society", they drive around giving people tickets for going 5 miles above the speed limit. They work for the government and no one else. They don't care about regular people.

They are also infamous for not giving a fuck about civil rights and tricking individuals into thinking they have no rights.

The "pig" stereotype came from their pushy, pissed-off, bossy attitude. Also came from infamous cases of police misconduct. They are also called "pigs" for being arrogant and thinking of themselves as a gift to society, while a lot of people think the exact opposite.

Law Enforcement officer - What some Policemen call themselves to sound more professional, fancier, or somehow more important. -Or because they're ashamed to be cops.

The police, like all bureaucratic departments in America, is a large bloated organization that local governments spend millions on so that the tax dollars collected can be used to collect even more taxes in the form of citations.

A man in blue who the community hates for stealing, beating, and enforcing stupid laws passed by the politicians.

People who are SUPPOSED to catch criminals, but usually are too busy giving tickets to people for playing their music too loud.

Revenue collectors