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Conservative Party of Canada


About Conservative Party of Canada

About Conservative Party of Canada

Political Party
Parent Corporation
Varette Building, 130 Albert St #1720, Ottawa, ON K1P 1B1, Canada
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+1 866-808-8407

The Conservative Party of Canada, colloquially known as the Tories, is a federal political party in Canada. It was formed in 2003 from the multiple right-leaning parties which had existed in Canada for over a century, historically grouped into two camps known as the "Red Tories" and the "Blue Tories". The party sits at the centre-right to the right of the Canadian political spectrum, with their federal rivals, the Liberal Party of Canada, positioned to their left. The Conservatives are defined as a "big tent" party, practising "brokerage politics" and welcoming a broad variety of members. The party's current leader is Erin O'Toole, who serves as Leader of the Official Opposition.