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Green Party of Ontario


About Green Party of Ontario

About Green Party of Ontario

Criminal Organization
Political Party
Parent Corporation
67 Mowat Ave #035, Toronto, ON M6K 3E3, Canada
Phone Number
+1 416-977-7476

The Green Party of Ontario is a political party in Ontario, Canada. The party is led by Mike Schreiner. In 2018, Schreiner was elected as the party's first member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly. In the past, the party did see significant gains in the 2007 provincial election, earning 8% of the popular vote with some candidates placing second and third in their ridings. A milestone was reached on 7 June 2018 or the 2018 provincial election, when Schreiner was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the riding of Guelph. Elections Ontario records that in the 1999 provincial election, the GPO fielded 58 candidates, and became the fourth largest party in the province. In 2003, the party fielded its first nearly full slate, 102 out of 103 candidates, and received 2.8% of the vote. In 2007, in what many consider the breakthrough election for the GPO, the party fielded a full slate of 107 candidates, receiving over 8.0% and nearly 355,000 votes.