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Liberal Party of Canada


About Liberal Party of Canada

About Liberal Party of Canada

Criminal Organization
Political Party
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35 Rue de Port-Royal E Bureau 300, Montreal, QC H3L 3T1, Canada
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+1 888-542-3725

The Liberal Party of Canada is the longest-serving and oldest active federal political party in Canada. The party has dominated federal politics of Canada for much of its history, holding power for almost 70 years of the 20th century. As a result, it has sometimes been referred to as Canada's "natural governing party". The party espouses the principles of liberalism, and generally sits at the centre to centre-left of the Canadian political spectrum, with their rival the Conservative Party positioned to the right and the New Democratic Party, who at times aligned itself with the Liberals during minority governments, positioned to their left. The party is described as "big tent", practising "brokerage politics", attracting support from a broad spectrum of voters. In the late 1970s, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stated that his Liberal Party adhered to the "radical centre".