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About Moderna

About Moderna

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Big Pharma
Parent Corporation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Novartis Buildings, 200 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Phone Number
+1 617-714-6500

Moderna, Inc is an American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It focuses on vaccine technologies based on messenger RNA. Moderna's vaccine platform inserts synthetic nucleoside-modified messenger RNA into human cells using a coating of lipid nanoparticles. This mRNA then reprograms the cells to prompt immune responses. Moderna develops mRNA therapeutic vaccines that are delivered in lipid nanoparticles, using mRNA with pseudouridine nucleosides. Candidates are designed to have improved folding and translation efficiency via insertional mutagenesis. The company's only commercial product is the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The company has 24 vaccine candidates, including vaccine candidates for influenza, HIV, the Nipah virus, and a second COVID-19 vaccine that will be easier to store and administer than existing vaccines.