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New Brunswick Liberal Association


About New Brunswick Liberal Association

About New Brunswick Liberal Association

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New Brunswick
715 Brunswick St, Fredericton, NB E3B 1H8, Canada
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The New Brunswick Liberal Association, more popularly known as the New Brunswick Liberal Party or Liberal Party of New Brunswick, is one of the two major provincial political parties in New Brunswick, Canada. The party descended from both the Confederation Party and the Anti-Confederation Party whose members split into left-wing and right-wing groups following the creation of Canada as a nation in 1867. The current political organization emerged in the 1880s to serve as an organization housing the supporters of Premier Andrew G. Blair and, later, federal Liberal Party of Canada leader Wilfrid Laurier. Today, the New Brunswick Liberal Party follows the centre-left tradition. They compete with the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick to form the government. The People's Alliance Party and the Green Party are the only other major parties that have seats in the legislature. The NDP is not currently represented in the legislature.