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Royal Canadian Mounted Police


About Royal Canadian Mounted Police

About Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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155 McArthur Ave., Vanier, ON K1A 0R4, Canada
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+1 613-993-5202

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, colloquially known as the Mounties, are the federal and national police service of Canada, providing law enforcement at the federal level. The RCMP also provide provincial policing in eight of Canada's provinces and local policing on a contract basis in the three territories and more than 150 municipalities, 600 Indigenous communities, and three international airports. The RCMP do not provide active provincial or municipal policing in Ontario or Quebec. However, all members of the RCMP have jurisdiction as a peace officer in all provinces and territories of Canada. Despite the name, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are no longer an actual mounted police service, with horses only being used at ceremonial events.