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VAERS Report 2095499

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 44 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Géorgie

Patient décédé?
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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: MODERNA

Lot: 069f21a

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lymph nodes in my left armpit were tender and swollen the day after my moderna booster shot on 11/20/2021, and i was very fatigued. i had streaking aches radiating from my left armpit through my arm. after varying degrees of lymphatic system inflammation on my left side (including my groin) and the back of my left thigh over a couple of weeks, i started experiencing tender and swollen lymph nodes in my right armpit, too, with the same streaking aches radiating from that right armpit. i continued to experience fatigue. then the lymph nodes on the right side of my groin became tender and swollen. and the back of my right thing had aching streaks. in mid-december, my throat was hurting and my tonsils were inflamed, and i looked to have tonsillitis. i got a covid-19 test which turned out to be negative. my kids tests were positive. over the winter/holiday break while my children isolated in our home with covid, i had flu-like symptoms (fatigue, headache/head pressure, sore throat, chest tightness, body aches). the inflamed lymphatic system symptoms (aching and tenderness) continued and i noticed were accompanied with neuropathy that started in my left arm and spread to other parts of my body. i don't know if the neuropathy started with the first reactions the day after the booster or not. but i noticed it distinctly in the middle of december. the neuropathy was roving. it started to affect both sides of my body. i felt it in my left chest, left armpit, left leg, mons pubis, right arm, right leg, abdomen, etc. i noticed a soreness and tightness under my left clavicle and in my upper left chest and inside in my trachea area. since feeling sick, i've taken vitamin c, d, b and zinc and a multivitamin. when the symptoms were not resolving, i saw my doctor and took another covid test at local clinic which was negative. the tests from the doctor were all fine. my blood work was fine. i was negative for strep and mono. ekg was fine. i went to get a chest x-ray. it was fine. the flu-like symptoms and lymphatic system tenderness and soreness started resolving around the week of january 17th. as of today, february 8, 2022, the neuropathy has not resolved but is becoming less intense on most days, although on some days it is still intense

Données de laboratoire
covid-19 test 12/18/22, tsh, lipid panel, comprehensive metabolic panel and physical examination on 1/4/22, covid test 1/6/22, chest x-ray 1/11/22, ekg 1/18/22
Liste des symptômes
sars-cov-2 test negative lipids normal streptococcus test negative malaise fatigue chest discomfort headache pain in extremity pain lymphadenopathy neuropathy peripheral influenza like illness head discomfort throat tightness lymph node pain axillary pain oropharyngeal pain chest x-ray normal electrocardiogram normal blood thyroid stimulating hormone normal blood test normal metabolic function test exposure to sars-cov-2 mononucleosis heterophile test negative tonsillar inflammation
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