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VAERS Report 2095597

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 44 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Minnesota

Patient décédé?
Renseignements sur les vaccins


Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: fh8028

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it started the following day of getting the vaccine. so, i got chills, low grade fever, headache, and then it got worse. sunday i got a 102 temp and my headache got worse. i suffered with it the following next week. on 1/24/2022 i had a tele-health visit and that doctor told me that it was no way it was the vaccine and that i should get a covid-19 and flu test done. the next evening 1/26/2022 i notice that i was having shortness of breath, pain in my right calf, and a pain in my upper back for about three days. so i went to the er that same evening and they said i still was having fever. they ran a lot of test and they all were negative. the fever has been intermitted on and off. i work from home and i still don't feel 100%. i also had a very bad case of covid-19 and pneumonia november 2020. my kidneys started shutting down and i had no appetite, not thirsty at all. i also had an anti body test in october 2021 and my body showed high anti-body and i didn't have to get it. i only took the covid-19 because i knew that i have a lot of vacations and i didn't want to get sick

Données de laboratoire
covid-19, flu, a & b, ekg, chest x-ray and blood test, all were negative
Liste des symptômes
sars-cov-2 test negative chills back pain headache decreased appetite pain in extremity dyspnoea pyrexia influenza a virus test negative chest x-ray electrocardiogram normal blood test normal
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Non spécifié
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penicillin, morphine, latex, eggs, dairy, and gluten
Maladie actuelle