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VAERS Report 2095611

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 35 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Californie

Patient décédé?
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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: fj6369

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immediately right after the dose in the left arm i felt a flush feeling in my body, dizzy, nausea, rapid heart beat, and felt really hot. stayed at the clinic for about 1 hour. had to laydown immediately after the injection. sat with the emt and the on site nurse came over to assist off and on. they did my blood pressure, oxygen level, and monitored my heart rate. they had ice packs on my face and neck. after 30 minutes i was able to sit up and they put me in a wheelchair for a little bit. symptoms eased up and i went home to lay in bed. still feeling the fast heartbeat off and on. at about 5:00pm i was experiencing slight chest pain and random kidney pain. at this point my whole body ached and a headache started. chills started a little later. didn't sleep well and was up off and on through the night. had a elevated temperature of 99.8. woke up the next day and just the left side of my face was swollen and my left eye didn't want to open right away. only the left side of my face was in alot of pain. seemed like nerve pain. my face felt numb to touch but also in alot of pain. like the worst face pain i have ever experienced. tylenol was not helping. called advice nurse and they said to ice my face which i did and it was the only thing that helped the pain. my heart rate that day was all over the place while sitting on the couch. went from 85 to 128 back to 119 and up to 124 and back to 88 within seconds. i could fell the changes. had a video doc appointment where he recommended i get seen in person on saturday. went in on saturday january 22nd for a check up. still random chest pain, heart palpitations but not as bad as the days prior. face pain was still present just not as bad as on friday with slight swelling. they did an ekg and said it came back fine. on january 25th i started having noticeable kidney pain. on the 26th still kidney pain with on and off full head aches and random dizziness. ever since, the facial pain is still present and off and on. varies in intensity and it is only on the left side of my face. it can be behind my eye down my nose, in my jaw, temples, check and side of my head to the upper neck

Données de laboratoire
ekg done on saturday jan 22nd 2022
Liste des symptômes
chills nausea headache chest pain feeling hot pain in extremity pain insomnia flushing dizziness neck pain condition aggravated eye pain palpitations neuralgia renal pain heart rate increased hypoaesthesia swelling face electrocardiogram normal immediate post-injection reaction pain in jaw eyelid disorder facial pain
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my right foot was in pain and ended up getting x-rays and a boot