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VAERS Report 2095668

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 80 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Minnesota

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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: unknown

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provider progress note 2/7/2022 assessment principal problem: weakness active problems: weakness generalized moderate malnutrition skin condition reddened (non-pressure related);rash left;lower back (active) first observed/origin date/first observed/origin time: 01/29/22 1838 skin condition type: reddened (non-pressure related);rash orientation: left;lower location: back comments: patient is a 81 y.o. female with history of frequent utis, dementia, hypertension who presented to the emergency room with generalized weakness. she was diagnosed with a uti. she also had 4 episodes of nonsustained v. tach and a cardiology consult was requested. a tte was done without significant structural heart disease. no further interventions per cardiology. plan generalized weakness suspect d/t combination of covid-19 infection and possible uti. -- pt/ot. needs 24/7 assistance - sw working toward tcu placement. e.coli uti with mdr, history esbl, possible cre on prophylactic keflex for hx of frequent utis. per daughter, only 2-3 utis in the past couple years. suspect likely colonization. ua+ and uc with mdr e.coli (r to ertrapenem but s to meropenem). -- discussed and reviewed sensitivities with id -- stopped ceftriaxone 2/1 -- meropenem iv x3 days completed treating an uncomplicated cystitis per id recs -- prophylactic keflex not necessary given established resistance, the fact she is very likely colonized. -- ? if prophylactic therapy necessary given only a couple utis in the past couple years -- consider referral to outpt id and/or urology on d/c to help determine future appropriateness of prophylactic therapy covid-19 infection incidental finding. no hypoxia. felt to be contributing to the weakness. -- monitor respiratory status -- patient does not qualify for any covid-19 directed therapies as she is on ra constipation -- bowel regimen available - prune juice, senna-s, dulcolax, miralax -- encourage oral intake and ambulation nonsustained ventricular tachycardia asymptomatic with these episodes. felt likely d/t covid. -- tte without significant structural heart disease -- appreciate input from cardiology, signed off -- high goals for e-lytes hyponatremia suspect d/t poor oral intake which has improved. hyponatremia resolved. -- encourage oral intake -- periodic bmp monitoring leukopenia was previously normal in april. suspect r/t covid infection. -- periodic cbc monitoring dementia patient seemed mildly confused but cooperative -- continue pta aricept hypertension blood pressure intermittently mildly elevated -- continue pta prinivil moderate malnutrition per dietitian eval. loss of muscle mass: not present. loss of subcutaneous fat: not present. fluid accumulation: mild +1. energy intake: less than or equal to 50% of estimated energy requirement for 5 days or greater. interpretation of weight loss: not reported (does not meet criteria). -- supplements per dietitian patient's daughter, poa - updated 2/6/22. dvt prophylaxis - lovenox

Données de laboratoire
covid pcr positive 1/28/2022
Liste des symptômes
antimicrobial susceptibility test sensitive urine analysis abnormal constipation echocardiogram normal culture urine positive bacterial disease carrier rash leukopenia cystitis erythema asthenia ventricular tachycardia condition aggravated confusional state blood pressure increased hyponatraemia bacterial infection urinary tract infection full blood count covid-19 sars-cov-2 test positive echocardiogram metabolic function test loss of personal independence in daily activities hypophagia effusion malnutrition escherichia infection escherichia test positive
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alendronate and lisinopril
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