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VAERS Report 2095722

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 67 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Virginia

Patient décédé?
Renseignements sur les vaccins


Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: MODERNA

Lot: 025c21a

Date de réception du rapport
Date à laquelle le formulaire est complèté
Date de vaccination
Date d’apparition
Nombre de jours (date d’apparition – date de vaccination)
Description de l’événement indésirable

she got her booster shot, her arm swelled up like it usually does, like a baseball that hurt like crazy for 2 days and then went away. then she didn't get sick until after the 29th. she went to the doctor and was put on a z-pak to calm the inflammation in her body. then she got so bad a week after that, then her pain medicine doctor gave her prednisone to help her get around as she could not get out of bed due to the pain. this helped her get up and moving around. her head hurt, her eyeballs hurt, her stomach, all her joints hurt, which was the same reaction she got from the 2nd vaccine. she had to call her eye doctor as her eye was swelling up, she has something floating in her eye, gold her the gel from behind her eye released and she has to go back every 2 weeks to keep checking for tears, and there was nothing they could do. they felt that the floater could go away, but it has not. her head has been hurting her like crazy and her eye is starting to shut every morning. she talked to her pain specialists who told her that because her immune system was so low that perhaps it was attacking her body and had the adverse reaction

Données de laboratoire
blood work on 11/29/21, which showed a lot going on with her internal organs. she sent her a rheumatologist who did blood work and she still has the flags on stuff on those tests performed
Liste des symptômes
headache arthralgia vitreous floaters pain eye pain abdominal pain upper inflammation eye swelling blood test peripheral swelling illness
Patient décédé?
Date de décès
Anomalie congénitale
Vaccin administré par :
Pharmacy or store
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Visite d’un patient à l’urgence?
Patient hospitalisé?
Séjour à l’hôpital
Nombre de jours à l’hôpital
Non spécifié
Invalidité permanente?
aspirin, codeine, dust, methadone, prednisone, tramadol, penicillin, sulfa. rofecoxib
Maladie actuelle