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VAERS Report 2115846

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 29 ans

Genre: Male

Région : Floride

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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: MODERNA

Lot: 061e21a

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11 days after my booster shot, i developed a rash on my arms, chest, and scalp. treated with benadryl. on november 5th my eyes started to swell shut and itch severely so i presented to urgent care. received oral prednisone course and treated with benadryl. swelling subsided however full body hives continued. was administered prednisone shots in my arm which appeared to help for several days but hives returned. hives are not localized and appear all over body. this report is being submitted on 2/16/22 while i am still experiencing full body hives and itchiness all over body. benadryl has helped with treating itchiness however is only temporary. best relief has been by taking 50mg famotidine hcl every evening before bed. after 3 months of famotidine, the hives still present after running out of medication. we have been under assumption that something in my environment (exposure to dirty boxes @ a charity event) was causing the allergic reaction. as more extensive cases of uticaria following mrna boosters have been reported, it is becoming a larger known issue which matches my symptoms and timeline. i am not anti-vax, i?m glad i got my three doses and am protected from covid. i just need help finding out how to cure these hives and get my life back to normal. i cannot keep treating with benadryl and being in a constant state of drowsiness or hives. please help me!

Données de laboratoire
no lab results. only given two shots of steroids in my arm and prescribed the following medications + otc benadryl to treat. prednisone 50mg oral tablets (11/5/21) hydroxyzine hcl 50mg (11/17/21-2/7/22) famotidine 40mg (11/17/21 - 2/7/22)
Liste des symptômes
eye pruritus pruritus rash urticaria eye swelling
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