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VAERS Report 2156836

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: N/A

Genre: Female

Région : Outside US

Patient décédé?
Renseignements sur les vaccins


Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: fk9706

Date de réception du rapport
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Nombre de jours (date d’apparition – date de vaccination)
Description de l’événement indésirable

swelling of feet/ swelling feet, heels; off label use; interchange of vaccine products; bruisings on feet; this is a spontaneous report received from a contactable reporter (consumer) from the regulatory agency. regulatory number: gb-mhra-webcovid-202202182202452610-qzlxh. other case identifier: gb-mhra-adr 26624086. a 43-year-old female patient (not pregnant) received bnt162b2 (comirnaty), administration date 13feb2022 (lot number: fk9706) as dose 3 (booster), single for covid-19 immunisation. relevant medical history included: "rheumatoid arthritis" (unspecified if ongoing). date of last menstrual period: 07feb2022. concomitant medication included: sulphasalazine taken for rheumatoid arthritis, start date: 01jun2019. she was taking a regular medicine for rheumatoid arthritis (or other types of arthritis except osteoarthritis). vaccination history included: covid-19 vaccine astrazeneca (as dose 1, single), administration date: 21mar2021, for covid-19 immunisation and covid-19 vaccine astrazeneca (as dose 2, single), administration date: 16may2021, for covid-19 immunisation. the following information was reported: off label use (medically significant) with onset 13feb2022, outcome "unknown", described as "off label use"; interchange of vaccine products (medically significant) with onset 13feb2022, outcome "unknown", described as "interchange of vaccine products"; peripheral swelling (medically significant) with onset 15feb2022, outcome "not recovered", described as "swelling of feet/ swelling feet, heels"; and contusion (medically significant) with onset feb2022, outcome "unknown", described as "bruisings on feet." the patient underwent the following laboratory tests and procedures: sars-cov-2 test: (12feb2022) negative, notes: no - negative covid-19 test. clinical course: patient has not had symptoms associated with covid-19. she is not pregnant and is not currently breastfeeding. she has not tested positive for covid-19 since having the vaccine and is not enrolled in a clinical trial. no follow-up attempts are possible. no further information is expected

Données de laboratoire
test date: 20220212; test name: covid-19 virus test; test result: negative ; comments: no - negative covid-19 test
Liste des symptômes
contusion interchange of vaccine products sars-cov-2 test peripheral swelling off label use
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