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VAERS Report 2157176

Case Report Section

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Age: NA

Gender: Male

State: Outside US

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Type: Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Manufacturer: PFIZER

Lot: unknown

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Date of Onset
Number of days (onset date – vaccination date)
Adverse Event Description

7 minutes after the vaccination her son started sneezing non-stop and a general bad feeling; high fever; weakness; seemed very miserable; dizziness; allergic reaction; 7 minutes after the vaccination her son started sneezing non-stop and a general bad feeling; nose began to run unusually non stop; eyes were red; this is a spontaneous report received from a contactable reporter(s) (consumer or other non hcp). the reporter is the parent. a 9 year-old male patient received bnt162b2 (comirnaty), administration date 09feb2022 (batch/lot number: unknown) as dose 2, single for covid-19 immunisation. relevant medical history included: "allergies" (unspecified if ongoing); "epilepsy" (unspecified if ongoing); "food allergy" (unspecified if ongoing); "asthma" (unspecified if ongoing); "migraine without aura" (unspecified if ongoing); "sensitivity to drugs" (unspecified if ongoing), notes: nurofen for children susp; "sensitivity to drugs" (unspecified if ongoing), notes: aspirin tab. the patient's concomitant medications were not reported. vaccination history included: comirnaty (first dose, purple cap), administration date: 13jan2022. the following information was reported: hypersensitivity (medically significant) with onset 09feb2022, outcome "recovered" (10feb2022), described as "allergic reaction"; sneezing (non-serious) with onset 09feb2022, outcome "recovered" (10feb2022), feeling abnormal (non-serious), outcome "unknown" and all described as "7 minutes after the vaccination her son started sneezing non-stop and a general bad feeling"; pyrexia (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "high fever"; asthenia (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "weakness"; rhinorrhoea (non-serious) with onset 09feb2022, outcome "recovered" (10feb2022), described as "nose began to run unusually non stop"; ocular hyperaemia (non-serious) with onset 09feb2022, outcome "recovered" (10feb2022), described as "eyes were red"; feeling abnormal (non-serious), outcome "unknown", described as "seemed very miserable"; dizziness (non-serious) with onset 09feb2022, outcome "recovered" (10feb2022), described as "dizziness". therapeutic measures were taken as a result of hypersensitivity, sneezing, rhinorrhoea, ocular hyperaemia, feeling abnormal, dizziness with fenistil drops and flixotide diskus inh 100 mcg inh, 1 puff 1x2 per day aerosol. clinical course: for the second vaccine, on 09feb2022, our son was vaccinated with pfizer's pediatric orange cap vaccine and developed an allergic reaction to the vaccine. we were told that now that the pediatric vaccine is available, the moh does not approve the use of the adult vaccine for children. the nurse was about to vaccinate our son, and when she checked the expiration date she said that she cannot vaccinate him since the vaccine is expired. an hour later the clinic manager informed us that the vaccine is not expired, and the date noted is not the expiration date but rather the manufacturing date. we were concerned that since the vaccine ingredients are different from the previous one, the child might develop an allergic reaction. about 5-7 minutes after the vaccination the boy started very extreme sneezing non stop, his nose began to run unusually non stop, his eyes were red and he seemed very miserable . we waited for abut an hour but there was no improvement, we requested that he would be examined by a physician, who instructed to stay for 2 more hours for observation. after about an hour and a half he said we can go home. the boy continued to have extremely runny nose, non stop sneezing and dizziness. i contacted a family physician who prescribed fenistil drops, in the evening there was still no improvement and we referred to our pediatrician who also prescribed a steroids nasal spray, continued fenistil drops and inhalers as needed. the events continued until the following day. the boy was left with no medical supervision at the clinic and discharged with no medical documentation, discharge summary or visit summary. approximately 90 minutes after vaccination, the patient's mother reported that the patient was experiencing a runny nose. during my examination of the patient, no overt signs of allergy were apparent - no rash, no conjunctivitis, no cough, no itching of the palate, no facial flushing, no sense of suffocation in the throat, no abdominal pain or vomiting. during his examination - heart sounds regular. lungs vesicular breathing, no redness in pharynx, uvula normal with no signs of edema, abdomen soft. the patient was discharged from the vaccination compound following two-and-a-half hours of observation with no need for further care. the reaction was explained to the patient's mother - the probability of an allergic reaction was extremely low to nil, at the same time, if he requires another vaccination, we recommend that he do so under our supervision. underwent partial assessment in the immunology and allergy unit - underlying multiple food allergies in january 2020: for the past year, has been eating eggs and food products containing eggs with no problem. still avoids eating of foods that contain vinegar - at the age of two, he ate pickled olives leading to rash on the face, odd breathing and swelling in the neck redness on the neck and face - referred to the er - steroid injection - improvement within about 20 minutes. does not eat peanuts because his sister is allergic to peanuts, and it was recommended that he not be exposed. the lot number for bnt162b2 was not provided and will be requested during follow up. follow-up (19feb2022): this is a spontaneous follow-up report from a contactable consumer (the patient's mother). updated information included: patient's and reporter's full name updated, patient's medical history added (allergies, asthma, epilepsy, migraine), additional events added: allergic reaction, nose began to run unusually non stop, his eyes were red, dizziness,feeling miserable . first dose added as historical vaccine. event expired vaccine used removed

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feeling abnormal rhinorrhoea asthenia dizziness pyrexia hypersensitivity ocular hyperaemia sneezing
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